Our Venice (Airport) Hotel
Priority - Find a wine merchant
View from Dorso hotel balcony1
View from Dorso hotel balcony2
Church in piazza
Latest dryer model
Statute in park in Dorsoduro
Canal in Dorsoduro
Canal view
Padua RR Stazionale
Garibaldi statue in Padua
St Anthony Basilica Padua
St Anthony Basilica2 Padua
Surprise in Padua
Padua to Venice
Padua to Venice 2
Morning fish market
Wooden artwork
Another canal
The good life!
Canals everywhere
Academia area
Canal in Academia
On way to St Marks
Piazza in Academia
A balcony suite
Back alley canal
San Rocco church
St Mark's Campanile
St Marks Piazzo
St Mark's Basilica
Pigeons everywhere
Top of St Marks
St Mark's Plaza
St Marks entry
Another view of St Mark's
View from plaza
View from Rialto Bridge1
THE Rialto Bridge
At base of Rialto Bridge
Tug pull - here we go!
Bon Voyage !
Arrivaderci Venice
Venice from ship 1
Venice from ship 2
Venice from ship 3
Venice from ship 4
St Mark's from ship
Outskirts of Venice