Our first view of the tower
It really does lean
Crooked at any angle
View from first level
View of Duomo from first level
Between the arches
Another of Duomo
Dee at first level
Bell at first level
Looking down in bell tower area
Dee the brave one!
View from the top
Looks a bit tentative - hold onto that rail
Hey..what the heck - you only live once!
Pretty narrow steps
Dedication engraving at base
Straight up
Thank you Lord - I made it
The Baptistry
The Baptistry 2
The Duomo
Baptistery plaque
From balcony in Baptistery
Inside Baptistery
Statue in Baptistery
In floor of Baptistery
Duomo Ceiling
Inside Duomo
Painting inside Duomo
Sculpture in Duomo
Inside Duomo 2
Inside Duomo 3
Description o f door
Inside Duomo 4
Inside Duomo 5
Inside Duomo 6
Check the lean out again
Statue in piazza
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Park area
The engineer trying to straighten it out
Another church in Pisa
Another Garibaldi - more popular than Caeser
River in Pisa
Statue of Nicola Pisano the architect