View from hotel balcony
Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas 2
Flowers on Las Ramblas
Statute in square
End of Las Ramblas
Maritime Museum
Dee at Mirador de Colon
Mirador de Colon
Base of Mirador de Colon
Dedicated to Christopher Columbus
Promenade on a Sunday
Harbor area
Maritime Museum 2
From a distance
Drawbridge opening
More harbor
Drawbridge closing
Big screen in the park
Cap de Barcelona
Cap de Barcelona 2
Along the waterfront
Crab sculpture
St James Cathedral
Narrow alley ways everywhere
Another Christopher Columbus statue
Barcelona architecture
Vestibule of St James Cathedral
Sculpture near Cathedral
Dancing in the streets
Inside the Cathedral
Dancing everywhere
Cathedral renovation
Gothic architecture
Shopping area closed on Sunday
Need a rest
More side streets
Tap dancer and band
Fountain at Placa Catalunya
View from Placa Catalunya
Another from Placa Catalunya
Sculpture in Placa Catalunya
Top of sculpture in P. Catalunya
Building in P. Catalunya
Sculpture in P. Catalunya
Dirty dancing in the streets
Restful area near harbor
Unique tree
Barcelona promenade
We found the beach
If you look close you will see topless Barcelona
Dolores wouldn't allow any closeups
Copper whale on the beach
Muscle beach Barcelona style
Paelle when in Spain
Continental Hotel on Las Ramblas