View of Reggio Calabria from ship
Reggio Calabria - the motherland
Southern Italy coastline
The Straits of Messina
Headingnorth along Italian coast
Mt Etna
Mt. Etna - we think
Sunset in Italy
Sunset from inside the Toscana restaurant on shipIMG 0378
Italian Coastline from ship
Italian coastine from ship
From our suite balcony
All alone
Tender boats to Amalfi
To Amalfi
Amalfi coast
Amalfi hillside
More Amalfi
The town of Amalfi
Picturesque Amalfi
Amalfi harbor
Piazza del Duomo - St Andrew Cathedral
St Andrew Cathedral
Early morning in Amalfi
Statue in Amalfi
Inside St Andrew Cathedral
Limoncello man
Main Street in Amalfi
Viagra Naturale
Dee in Positano
Breathtaking views
In honor of Flavio Gioia
Church in Positano
View from beach area
Directing traffic as we await for a bus
Statue in Positano
Flowers in Positano
Positano promenade
Baroque design in Positano
Leaving Amalfi
Leaving Amalfi 2
Amalfi Coast 2
Amalfi Coast 3
Amalfi Coast 4
Another cruiser
Arriving in Sorrento
Sorrento coastline
Excelsior Victoria Hotel in Sorrento
View from Sorrento harbor
View of Sorrento from harbor
Ferry boat entry to Capri
Excelsior Victoria Hotel 2
Europa Palace Hotel
Sorrento harbor
Sorrento harbor 2
Sorrento hillside
Capri harbor
Capri cliffs
Capri harbor 2
Lots of tourists in Capri
Going up
Higher and higher
Romance in Capri
The Isle of Capri
Capri shops
View from the top of Capri
The Rodeo Drive of Capri
The scenic walk down
Lots of grapes & figs
Flowers galore
The San Francisco path
Really that blue!
Charming Capri
Retorno Sorrento
Main Square in Sorrento
Cafe scene
Statue of poet Tasso
Shops in Sorrento
Mural at church of San Francesco
Sculpture in park
Flowers in park - wish were in color
Inside portio at San Francesco
Church of San Francesco
Statue in park 2
View of harbor from top of Sorrento
Sorrento park
Cactus in park
Harbor view
Sorrento hillside 2
Dee walking back to ship in Sorrento
San Antonio statue in Sorrento
Cafe scene 2
Leaving Sorrento
We'll just have to return to Sorrento